Vacuum Casting

Silicone Molding

One of the fastest manufacturing methods of low-volume part manufacturing since the 1970s, silicone molding is a great manufacturing method for making rigid, transparent or flexible parts. Silicone molding is used for needs such as low-volume manufacturing, prototype making, and model copying.

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Vacuum Casting

Part Production
of 5 - 100 Pieces
with Vacuum Casting

Silicone molding; It is the ideal manufacturing method for high-quality prototypes, function tests, concept validation and demonstration demos. Hundreds of casting polymers are available to produce any imaginable hardness and surface texture. Fully opaque, translucent or completely transparent parts can be produced with silicone molding, depending on your application. Examples include visual prototypes, market test products, cases and covers, trade show products, and small number of end-user parts needs.

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Silicone Mold Production

20-25 pieces
parts of
one mold

Since the Research and Development and Product Development departments of companies can perform critical controls such as silicone mold production service and design verification, market analysis and assembly control of their projects for which they have completed the 3D design, they can make design revisions before entering the mass production investment. In this way, it gives them a chance to save time and money by avoiding the bad possibilities of mold revisions or even re-making the mold.

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What is
Vacuum Casting?

Vacuum Casting is a manufacturing method for making high-quality prototypes or low-volume parts created from silicone molds. The parts produced by silicone molding conform to the original pattern, surface details and originality. Complex parts with complex and difficult geometries are produced with silicone molding.

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Silicone Molding- Vacuum Casting

Zebra Proje

Advantages of Silicone Molding

1. Speed: Depending on the part properties and volume, mold production can be done within a few days.
2. Affordable Cost: It is much less costly than injection molding.
3. Large Part Production: Depending on the type of equipment used, very large parts can be produced with silicone molding.
4. Superior Surface Quality: The vacuum process in silicone molding eliminates air bubbles and allows the material to capture fine details. Surface quality is higher than injection molding.
5. Color Options: Coloring pigments can be added to the resin for various color options.
6. Repeatability: Silicone molds can be used about 20-25 times before they need to be replaced.

Silicone Mold Production

Silicone molding production is basically carried out in 3 stages.

1. Master Model Production: First, the master model is produced from the 3D model of the part to be produced. Master model production can be done by hand, CNC or 3D printer. Necessary surface treatments are done for the master model to be ready for the mold and now the master model is ready to be molded.
2. Mold Production: Liquid silicone is poured on the 3D produced master model and the model is molded. After drying, the mold is cut open and the mold is removed.
3. Part Production: The requested material is poured into the silicone mold in a vacuum environment, and part production is started. Post-processing is applied to the parts produced with a silicone mold. Produced parts can be painted in the desired color, pattern work or coating can be done. After quality control applications, the parts are ready for delivery.

The number of parts that can be taken from a silicone mold varies according to the geometry and volume of the part. In some cases, the silicone mold wears out prematurely and the number of parts that can be removed from this mold is reduced. In the silicone molding method, an average of 20-25 pieces can be produced with a mold. You should prefer silicone molding in terms of both time and cost advantage for your low-volume part production needs from 5 to 100.

Silicone Molding Service

We offer a complete turnkey solution for producing master models and small parts based on your CAD designs. Not only do we make high quality molds, we also offer a full range of post-processing services including painting, sanding, pad printing and more. With our silicone molding service, we support you to produce parts for showroom quality display models, engineering test samples, end-user products and more.

Silicone Mold Makers

With years of expertise in the field, Zebra Proje can manufacture your plastic parts to the highest standard, cost-effectively and with fast turnarounds. Zebra Proje, which is a preferred brand among the companies that produce silicone molds, stands out among silicone mold manufacturers with its extraordinary speed and quality service.

Silicone Molding Quotation

The pricing of the parts you want to produce with silicone molding varies according to the number of parts, the geometry of the part and the material to be used.

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If you want to have silicone mold production with extraordinary speed and quality service at Zebra Proje, you can contact us.