Non-Destructive X-Ray Measurement

Radiographic Testing (RT or X-ray or Gamma ray) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) method that examines the volume of the product. The data obtained by the non-destructive x-ray measurement method is point cloud data like the data obtained from other scanning devices.

Non-Destructive 3D Measurement 

Radiography (X-ray) uses X-rays and gamma rays to view the interior and exterior details of the part in different layers in its operations. With this method, all details are obtained in 3D (.STL) without opening the parts. Two-dimensional and 3-dimensional X-ray technologies are among the most useful non-destructive testing methods.

Particle element
Particle element
Non-Destructive X-Ray Measurement

How is Radiographic Test and Measurement Performed?

The product to be measured is placed between the radiation source and the detection zone by the sample, which is not absorbed and collects radiation. The radiation limit reaching the whole area depends on the material type and thickness of the product. Basically, the resulting image is the varying radiation intensity.

Non-Destructive 3D Usage Areas

They allow the examination of an object’s internal properties without having to disassemble the sample or cut the part. Today, X-ray technologies are widely used for non-destructive analysis and 3D imaging in industries such as end-user electronics, defense, aerospace, electronics, medical devices, plastic parts and additive manufacturing. With this method:

Spaces and pores in the part
Assemblies of parts with each other
Non-contact measurement for medical applications
Defects and cracks
Geometric sizing studies can be done easily.
Competitor product analysis (Benchmark)