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Zebra Proje provides 3D laser scanning and CAD modeling services needed by ship owners and shipyards. Regardless of where the ship is located, mobile 3D laser scanning and CAD modeling services are offered to customers flawlessly in ports and shipyards.

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Reverse Engineering
in the Maritime Industry

In the maritime industry, reverse engineering is often used to analyze existing ship designs or optimize ship components. For example, a shipbuilding company may reverse engineer rival ship models in order to be competitive or improve the current design. Likewise, reverse engineering can be done to understand the functioning of ship parts or systems.

On the other hand, the reverse engineering method is frequently used in military modernization studies. Surface and underwater ships are modernized in terms of software and hardware in order to adapt to developing technological systems and eliminate possible threats. Since the design methods of currently used ships are designed with older methods than today, it is very difficult to adapt them to today’s 3D engineering software. Using 3D laser scanning and CAD modeling technologies, the existing geometries of the ships are precisely transferred to the 3D environment.

The availability of detailed 3D data obtained after laser scanning enables shipowners and shipyards to gain a serious advantage in the competition. Unlike traditional design methods, laser scanning and CAD modeling are a serious game changer when it comes to saving time on ship refurbishment and modernization projects.

We create detailed 3D models of the entire ship from the point cloud obtained after 3D laser scanning. Thanks to this technology, shipyards and Shipowners get a precise visualization of their new developments. This is an indispensable complement to the overall ship’s latest technical documentation.

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3D Scanning and 3D Modeling

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