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    Industrial design, mechanical design, design for 3D printing, product development, reverse engineering, large area reverse engineering, silicon molding, 3D printing, 3D scanning devices, topology optimization, simulation and analysis from Zebra Proje, with CMM You can request a price quote in areas such as measuring, non-destructive x-ray measurement, rim molding and machining, that is, in all activities from a product idea to its design, prototyping and even small production area.

    Zebra Proje is an engineering company that produces high value for entrepreneurial minds who have been involved in large projects before. Zebra Proje; It provides services to its customers in the fields of product development, industrial design, mechanical design, reverse engineering, dimensional quality control, simulation testing and analysis, and rapid manufacturing technology. Zebra Proje has adopted the mission of providing high-value engineering services using developing 3D design production and technologies, and the vision of bringing engineering and designs to the aerospace sectors by using innovative design and production methods. Zebra Proje is a solution partner that shapes customer expectations, maintains its sustainable growth, is preferred with its competitive power, is trusted, sensitive to the environment and people. Zebra Proje is where everyone’s imaginations come together and are dedicated to values ​​that result in great work. At Zebra Proje, you do more than just participate in things, and you add value. Discover the Zebra Proje culture, which emphasizes collaboration, emphasis on togetherness, development and originality, while being supported with resources that will make a difference in your life. Your business partner should reflect the values ​​you represent. If you want to learn more about Zebra Proje, you can click on the link us/.

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