Flexible and Efficient Product Design

We are a smart and creative thinking team when it comes to designing by solving critical product challenges.

Discover the powerful and striking design capabilities of the Zebra Proje.

. Wide . Wider . Even Wider .

Our experienced engineers provide the optimal customer experience when reverse engineering the products you need.

Wide field reverse engineering is done with Zebra Proje experience.

Low Cost, High Quality Product

Design cost-effective, robust products with our simulation and analysis capabilities!

Strength and thermal analysis, hydraulic flow analysis and hydraulic system analysis

A magic touch in product development...

Leverage Zebra Proje’s unique, intelligent and agile product development roadmap to prevent a promising product vision from faltering in the face of challenges and obstacles.


A powerful computational design capable of generating high-performance geometries, Topology Optimization!

Produce cost-effective outputs with topology optimization, a systematic and at the same time highly creative design method based on mathematical optimization algorithms with a wide range of industrial applications!


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Our Rapid Manufacturing Services

We offer fast, high quality and cost-effective solutions for your small part manufacturing needs by using the latest technology manufacturing methods.

Work with Zebra Project engineers.

Zebra Project is a place where imagination becomes reality and leads to great work.




Years of Experience
High Quality and Precision
We produce your parts with the highest quality materials with high accuracy.
All Production Projects from a Single Source
Work with a single business partner in every process from design to pre-production.
Customer Focused Approach
We listen and understand you first. We work together at every stage of the project.